What are the Benefits of Oxygen Therapy?

Our customers come to us looking for a product to supply supplemental oxygen. Whether they are struggling with a lung disease or a breathing disorder they are looking for an easy to use alternative to oxygen bottles and cylinders. Also clients are looking for convenience, freedom and independence and that is why we offer Oxygen Concentrators which deliver oxygen at a rate of 2-7 litres per minute and up to 96% purity.

What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator or POC is a medical product for users with a low level of blood oxygen. At Natural Ozone our products plug into an electrical outlet making them an ideal choice for people looking for a product they can use at home and take with them on holidays or trips.

Using the surrounding air as a raw material, portable oxygen concentrators separate the oxygen from the nitrogen it and provide it to you via a nasal cannula

The Ease of Use - Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Our products have an easy-to-understand and clear control panel which allows you to monitor your oxygen flow and concentration with the touch of a button. They come with a simple but comprehensive manual 

Sleeping with Oxygen

Yes you can sleep with supplementary oxygen from an oxygen concentrator. It is this time when oxygen saturation levels tend to drop and you can access this at a sleep clinic.

If your sleep is being frequently disrupted, you should consult with your doctor about having an overnight oximetry test performed. They may end up prescribing you supplemental oxygen therapy during sleep, helping you to sleep better.

Mobility and Increased Stamina

You can take your oxygen concentrator with you. Our two concentrators are 6kgs and 8kgs making them perfect for home use, you can move from the lounge to the bedroom to the patio! And if you are heading out to an event all you need is a power point to plug into to maintain your oxygen flow.

If you don’t have enough energy during your day or have a bit of mental fog, it might be because you have low oxygen levels. Oxygen therapy provides you with the stamina you require to perform every day.

When you’re not getting the oxygen you need, every one of your body’s organs are affected; even your brain. The first sign that an individual with lung disease isn’t getting enough oxygen is confusion. Supplemental oxygen use helps keep your brain and other important organs healthy.

Please note: Oxygen therapy should only be used as prescribed by your physician.

Portable oxygen concentrator - 96% purity