Disinfecting rooms with Ozone

Disinfecting with Ozone

Ozone gas is a common and effective decontamination method used in hospitals, hotel rooms, offices and other public buildings around the world.

Disinfection of air as well as hard-to-reach surfaces by ozone is pretty straightforward. Our air ozonator products vary in size from small portable units, which are suitable for rooms up to 80 square metres, to fixed machines for disinfecting  large public spaces such as offices and childcare centres. Some models are fitted with time controllers which will run automatically at any given time of the day or night, or as often as need be.

How easy is it? Simply set the timer, switch on the machine and close up the room until the process has taken place. The level of disinfection is dependent on the applied CT value, which is the concentration of ozone multiplied by the exposure time.

The disinfection efficiency depends further on the type of virus that is treated, but a 90% reduction can be expected at 0.6 ppm ozone concentration during an exposure time of 20 to 120 minutes. Contact us at Natural Ozone for expert advice on which unit is best for you.

Increasing the ozone concentration considerably reduces the required exposure time as well as increasing the deactivation rate of the virus. Because ozone gas is harmful to breathe, no entry to the treatment area shall be allowed during a disinfection cycle. Afterwards, one must also ensure that all excess ozone is ventilated out/away before reentering to the room.

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