Stock on the docks

Stock on the docks

To our fellow Kiwis,

After two years of running the Covid gauntlet, it appears that we may finally be about to experience our first real taste of Covid.

Be prepared and stay safe

With the news on Sunday that Omicron is in the community, our phones have been ringing off the hook with people wanting to prepare for likely eventualities. We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we have done everything within our power to be ready to serve the community in challenging times.

Logistical Challenges

Most people have had the experience in the past few months of going in to purchase an everyday item only to find it out of stock and not likely to reappear for months. It has certainly happened to us – everything from wall plaster to medical equipment has at some point been difficult to obtain.

Order early, order often!

For this reason, here at Natural Ozone, we have been hypervigilant in our ordering regime, to be able to supply life-saving supplies to those who need them when they need it most. We are happy to let you know that we have plenty stock either on hand or awaiting collection from the port.

These are the items most in demand:

Oxygen Concentrators

oxygen concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a machine that uses the ambient air as a raw material to generate high purity oxygen by separating it from the nitrogen using a device known as a molecular sieve. That means that you can conduct oxygen therapy in the comfort and safety of your own home any time you need it as recommended by your physician. Many people, especially those who have lung issues such as asthma, COPD and other lung disorders are concerned about the prospect of overloaded health services. Being able to create oxygen out of thin air reduces these concerns, giving them the feeling of independence and confidence for their family’s wellbeing.

Pulse Oximeter

Two years ago, hardly anyone had heard of these gadgets, but now it seems we all know how they work! Just switch it on and clip it on your finger, you get a moment by moment reading of heart rate and oxygen level in your blood. Natural Ozone has gone to great trouble to source high quality, reliable units which give the most accurate readings.

Blood level readings have become one of the most important indicators of complications due to Covid due to a phenomenon known as silent hypoxia, where the patient exhibits few symptoms but has dangerously low levels of oxygen in their blood.

Couple the oximeter with an oxygen concentrator, and you have an excellent buffer against the unfortunate situations we have seen recently in Australia where one can be waiting four hours for an ambulance and hospitals can barely cope.

Preventure is better than cure

Drink ozonated water

It seems that everybody has their personal tip for keeping their health in good shape nowadays. Of course, diet, exercise and sunlight are always on the list. But my personal favourite is a glass of ozonated water every morning from the little multipurpose ozonator which we have mounted above the sink. I use the same unit to disinfect our masks for multiple uses. This study shows just how effective it is!

Ozone Therapy

So, what is the most effective prevention and treatment regime available? It's well worth investigating the powerful healing power of the systematic protocols of ozone therapy. If you haven't taken a look yet, take a look at our free Home Ozone Therapy guide, and discover the heart of holistic functional medicine.
Dr Thomas E Levy, author of Rapid Virus Recovery (2 April 2021) on Ozone Therapy:
 "...But as far as. COVID or any other virus goes. There certainly is nothing that’s more directly antiviral, directly virucidal."