Spa Without the Scare: Ditch the Chemicals, Discover Ozone Bliss!

Ditch the Dreaded Chlorine! Enjoy Sparkly Clean Water with Natural Ozone!

Now there is a better way to keep your spa or cold plunge sparking clean!

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Natural solutions

Tired of turning into a prune after a spa soak? Does the mere whiff of chlorine send your sinuses into a frenzy? There's a better way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your spa: ditch the chemicals and embrace the power of natural ozone

Ditch the Toxins, Dive into Nature:

Forget the fear of ingesting harmful chemicals! Chlorine wreaks havoc on your hair, skin, lungs, and even internal organs. But there's a secret weapon lurking in the atmosphere: ozone, a naturally occurring form of oxygen that's even more effective than chlorine at battling bacteria and viruses.

The Magic of Ozone:

    • Powerful yet gentle: Ozone obliterates pathogens, then harmlessly reverts back to regular oxygen, leaving no chemical residue.
    • Skin-loving spa: Soothe your skin with ozonated water, a natural ally against infections and irritations.
    • Freshness redefined: Say goodbye to harsh chlorine smells and hello to the invigorating scent of a summer downpour!

Introducing the Natural Ozone Spazonator:

This nifty electrical device seamlessly integrates into your spa system, silently working its magic whenever the pump runs. Air transforms into ozone as it travels through the spazonator, gently bubbling through your water like nature's own cleaning crew. 

Effortless Ease, Unmatched Value:

    • No more dangerous chemical cocktails.
    • Say goodbye to toxic storage woes.
    • Enjoy automatic, hassle-free sanitation.

Customer Testimonial:

"We had really smelly water in our 15 year old spa and no one could sort the problem out. We installed the new ozone generator and the water is so clear, the water has never been as good, best ozone I've seen."

Callum P.

Installation? A Breeze!

Most modern spas are ozone-ready! Installation is a snap for most DIYers, thanks to our clear instructions. Still need a hand? We're a friendly Kiwi family always happy to help!



Will I still need to use any chlorine?

Yes and no! While Natural Ozone Spazonator keeps your spa free of harmful pathogens, it won't tackle algae. Don't fret! Simply wipe down the occasional buildup or add a sprinkle of chlorine monthly.

Natural Ozone: Your Guide to Sparkling, Healthy Spa Bliss:

Ready to swap chemical anxieties for a naturally clean oasis? We're here to help! Contact us today and discover how ozone can transform your spa experience. And to celebrate summer, enjoy a 50% discount on your Natural Ozone Spazonator! Don't let this limited-time offer slip away!

Customer testimonial:

"We bought the spa ozonator and the service was extremely prompt, questions we answered in a timely manner and the product arrived within days. The ozonator means we don’t have to use hardly any chlorine and you can leave the spa feeling fresh and clean. Have had it for a year and still going strong."
Megan C.

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Embrace the natural power of ozone. Your spa (and your skin) will thank you!