Our COP26 Pledge

What did you think about the outcome of the COP26 climate conference? We think that the world can do better, and we have resolved to turn our disappointment into action!

Environment matters

We believe that every time a customer buys a product, whether it be for purification or medicinal purposes, they are choosing the most environmentally responsible approach available. Each machine over its lifetime will replace countless bottles of harmful chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs.

Right to repair

Built-in obsolescence is a shameful scourge on modern society. At Natural Ozone, we ensure that our products are built to last and easily repaired in the unlikely event of a breakdown. We keep stock of spare parts so that our products do not end up prematurely on the scrap heap. 

Brown paper packages tied up with string

We strive to supply our goods in packaging which is compostable or recyclable and push our suppliers to do the same. Even bubble wrap can be replaced with paper products nowadays and our filler is made of corn starch.

Less is more

Reduce is always the first rule when minimising our environmental footprint. We keep our systems as efficient as possible at all times. For example, rather than set up our own warehouse, we use the services of a dispatch agency, saving the reproduction of facilities.

If you can’t avoid, then offset!

The creation and transport of ozone machines do unfortunately incur a carbon cost. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with a fantastic Kiwi start-up called Carbon Click. We are working together to audit the carbon footprint of our business and create a plan to offset it with projects such as tree planting and renewable energy projects in developing nations. 

Not just for carbon

All the projects that Carbon Click support, brings additional benefits to the community. For example, many offset programs funnel the money into monoculture pine plantations which offer little biodiversity for the native birdlife to thrive. Our projects on the other hand support the replanting of native forests, protecting threatened species and helping restore the beauty of our natural world.

Join our campaign with the click of a mouse!

Check out the new feature on our website! Each time you go through the checkout, you will see a banner inviting you to participate in our carbon reduction scheme. Just click the green button and your nominated amount will go straight to our carbon reduction program. For only $2, you can mitigate the CO2 emitted for a medium-sized parcel to be sent across New Zealand (around 50kg).

Together we can make a difference

Wondering what to buy for family and friends for Christmas? Natural Ozone healing gels are proudly made here in New Zealand using nothing but organic oil and ozone. The glass jars are reusable, recyclable and come in special compostable packaging. Why not spoil them with the special triple gel pack? Our gels are safe, effective and made with our own hands in our Corsair Bay home.


Amazing Natural Ozone Healing Triple Gel Pack