Could Covid Be A Surprise Christmas Guest?

With Christmas nearly upon us, the last thing we want to think about is Covid, right? I mean….surely we have heard enough already!

The virus never sleeps

While we enjoy our time with family and friends, a silent intruder may be crashing our Christmas parties. Of course, there is no need to panic. However, there are some simple precautions we can take to help us sleep easy over the break.

Be prepared! (As I learned in Scouts)

Health authorities, including Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners medical director Bryan Betty, advise us to ensure that we are stocked up with essential items in case “Rona” should come to visit, including pain relief, personal medication, masks and (of course) toilet paper! 

What is an oximeter?

The other mysterious item recommended for every home by pretty much every expert is a pulse oximeter. This small, battery-powered gadget clips on the end of your finger and gives instantaneous information about your heart rate and, most importantly, your blood oxygen levels.

Happy hypoxia?

It turns out that Covid can be a sneaky disease. A healthy person should have blood oxygen levels of at least 95%. However, when suffering from Covid-19 pneumonia, it is possible for these levels to plummet dangerously below 80% while the patient still feels relatively comfortable as explained in this article. A blood reading like this would be an urgent indicator that you should seek medical assistance. If hospitalisation is not a viable option, use oxygen therapy, for example a home oxygen concentrator

Now available through Natural Ozone

Over the past two years, we have supplied home oxygen concentrators to customers throughout the world, but without the means to measure blood oxygen levels, it is difficult to assess a patient’s needs. For that reason, we are now stocking a high-quality pulse oximeter as a reliable measure.  

How does it work?

Simply clip the device on the end of your finger and press the button. Within seconds, the colour LED display will show heart rate and blood oxygen level. You can choose from a range of clearly readable display modes. 

The Christmas gift with heart?

Do you know somebody who can benefit from such a useful device? It might be the one gift that really gives back!
Here at Natural Ozone, we have had a very busy year. We look forward to some precious time with our family and wish all of our ozone enthusiasts a safe and happy festive season.