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Ozonated hemp oil is back in stock

Here at Natural Ozone, we have been creating ozonated healing gels for more than a decade. There are only two ingredients; high quality organic oil (olive, jojoba or hemp) and pure medical ozone. Experience and research have taught us how to manufacture fine quality gels with the ideal levels of ozone for all round healing support.

Research has come a long way since we built our first home-made oil ozone diffusing machine. Nowadays, we use a state of-the-art high tech ozone station which can deliver precise levels of medical grade ozone into the oil, controlled with a digital interface and ozone sensor. It’s the only one of its type in New Zealand or Australia.


New studies exploring the beneficial uses for ozonated oils emerge regularly. It’s amazing to us to see how this field is developing. For example, this journal article explores some of the innovative ways that ozonated oils are being introduced into conventional medicine, like bandages that are infused with ozonated oil.

Hemp oil contains the ideal mix of Omega 6 and 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, which means it packs a more powerful ozone punch than either the olive or jojoba.

This makes the Natural Ozone Hemp gel ideal for spot treatment support for difficult skin problems such as dermatitis and acne.

It was great to hear this fascinating story from a customer;

"Carcinoma disappeared - like magic! “I had an odd skin cancer on the back of my hand and went to the Doctor to be told it was a Squamous cell carcinoma and I would have to have it surgically removed under local anesthetic and it would cost $185....I made an appointment, which just happened to be when we locked down for my son had some ozonated hemp oil on hand that he was using to treat a bad toe I put some of his ozonated hemp oil on the lumpy spot each night covered with a small piece of cotton wool and held down with a strip of paper medical tape....after a few days the top layer peeled off and as I continued to treat the spot more and more bits dried up and came off. After approx 4 weeks or so the spot was completely gone and just 2 little marks remain where the roots were. So I am very pleased with the cost saving and outcome. Sincerely, HW.”

This is just one of 80 reviews, which share amazing personal experiences of healing using our ozonated oils. Just scroll down the bottom of the product listing on our website to hear what they have to say.

We apologise that hemp natural healing gel has been out of stock these past few months. Getting hold of top organic oils can be difficult and we refuse to compromise on quality. Naturally pure!

To celebrate the reintroduction of hemp to our gel range, we are making a special offer – buy all three and get 20% off. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more tips on how to best use each type of gel, each with their unique properties.

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