Conquer Psoriasis with Natural Ozone Therapy: Relief From Itching and Flaking

Ditch the Itch!

Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition characterized by itchy, red, and scaly patches, can disrupt your life for months or even years. While there's no known cure, a natural solution—ozone therapy—is gaining significant traction for its impressive results in alleviating psoriasis symptoms.

Real Testimonies, Remarkable Results:

Don't just take our word for it! Our Natural Ozone products have earned countless positive reviews from satisfied customers who found long-awaited relief from psoriasis:

    • "Amazing, Highly recommend! I bought this for my wife who suffers from psoriasis on one foot. It's her go-to relief moisturizer each morning...thank you Kim!" - Tim H.**
    • "Excellent remedy for psoriasis! The ozonated olive oil stopped the itchiness and reduced the scaling on my scalp and underarms." - Janice D.**

Understanding the Power of Ozone:

So, how does ozone work its magic on psoriasis? It boils down to three key mechanisms:

1. Nourishment and Regeneration: Ozonated oil deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin by:

    • Reducing inflammation: The soothing properties of ozone calm the inflamed skin, bringing down redness and discomfort.
    • Neutralizing pathogens: Ozone's natural antimicrobial properties combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can exacerbate psoriasis.
    • Oxygenating cells: Increased oxygen flow promotes healthy skin cell growth and regeneration, accelerating healing.

2. Protective Shield: Ozonated gel forms a natural, protective barrier over the affected area, offering multiple benefits:

    • Resists infection: The gel shields the skin from further irritation and potential infections.
    • Moisturizes naturally: Deep hydration soothes dryness and prevents flaking, a common psoriasis symptom.

3. Pure and Powerful:

Natural Ozone products prioritize quality and safety:

    • Locally made: We proudly source and produce our ozonated oils and gels in-house, ensuring the highest standards.
    • Naturally pure: Organic olive oil infused with medical-grade ozone, that's it! No harsh chemicals, preservatives, or stabilizers.
    • Animal-friendly: We never test on animals, aligning with our commitment to ethical practices.

Scientific Backing for Ozonated Oils:

Clinical research supports the effectiveness of ozone therapy for psoriasis. This study, for instance, demonstrated that ozonated oil is as effective as flumetasone ointment, the standard medical treatment. Numerous other studies echo similar findings, solidifying the potential of ozone therapy in managing psoriasis.

Beyond Oil: Exploring Other Ozone Therapies:

While ozonated oils excel in topical application, other ozone therapy methods can also contribute to managing psoriasis:

    • Cupping: Drawing a partial vacuum over the affected area can improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.
    • Bagging: Encasing limbs or specific areas in ozonated bags delivers concentrated ozone exposure for deeper penetration.
    • Rectal insufflation: Introducing medical-grade ozone into the rectum has shown promising results in managing inflammatory bowel disease, which can sometimes be linked to psoriasis.

Take Control of Your Psoriasis Journey:

Natural Ozone therapy offers a safe, natural, and effective approach to managing psoriasis. Whether you choose ozonated oils, explore other methods, or combine them with your existing treatment plan, remember, you're not alone in this journey.

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