Jojoba Gel for Nappy Rash

Discover how this All Natural Product can Soothe and Disinfect!

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Did you know that ozone has been used for treating skin infections since World War One?

Ozone has been proven in many scientific studies to kill bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. 

Here's the thing. Ozone is a naturally occuring gas, so you can't patent it. That's why the big companies fail to invest in this powerful modality.

Millions of people who could benefit from ozonated gels miss out, even while antibiotic resistant bacteria threaten our health system.

***** Customer Testimonial

 "Amazing! I bought this for my Grandson in Australia. He was constantly having itching skin, the first time he used it he had a instant reaction and his skin had calmed down, We are so happy we finally found a product that works."

Our Solution: Natural Ozone imported the first high precision oil ozonating equipment into New Zealand. The only inputs are pure organic oil and high grade medical ozone. The gels are made in our New Zealand facility and are not tested on animals.

Why Jojoba oil?

Natural Ozone creates three different ozonated gels - jojoba, olive and hemp - each with its own particular application.

Jojoba oil is considered to be the oil that is most similar to the naturally occuring oils in our skin. In addition to that, it has many beneficial qualities such as anti-microbial, promoting collagen and hypoallergenic. That's why many health conscious people use jojoba oil as a moisturiser. 

***** Happy Customer

"love the jojoba gel, mainly use it as a face moisturizer, and any other skin Ailments."

So when it comes to nasty rashes in sensitive places, this gentle cream restores balance to the damaged area while the dissolved ozonoids get to work attacking harmful pathogens, promoting healing and increasing available oxygen to the cells. 



***** Maz New Zealand

"Used this for my baby's nappy rash and it was so good! After a couple of days cleared right up and this is my go to now"

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***** Ayushi New Zealand

Ozone for wrinkles

"I used Ozonated Jojoba oil from the delicate area around my eyes. I immediately noticed a reduction in puffiness (I had been travelling a lot) and also a reduction in fine lines. My friends also commented as they could see a difference! I have tried many expensive eye creams over the years and found this to be one of the most notable for immediate results. A true find."

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