How are ozonated oils made?

Natural Ozone ozonated gels are made right here in our own workshop using a state-of-the-art ozone infusion machine. We believe this is the only device of this quality in Australia or New Zealand.

There are only two ingredients in these products: organic oil (olive, jojoba or hemp) and pure oxygen. Unlike some manufacturers, instead of using ambient air as a source that reacts with the ozone we use medical grade oxygen that keeps nitric oxides from entering the oil.

The ozonating machine measures precisely the input rate and purity, giving momentary readings regarding the ozone levels so that we can make our oils to the ideal strength according to the latest scientific studies.

Ozone is highly active and difficult to stablise but certain oils such as the high grade olive, hemp & jojoba oils we use here at Natural Ozone slowly begin to contain the ozone as it begins to saturate the oil held in an ozone resistant glass container.

The oil becomes a paste or salve holding the ozone in suspension without the oil being oxidized. This gel we call AMAZING NATURAL OZONE HEALING GEL and it is highly effective on a wide range of skin complaints.

Organic and all natural

No preservatives, colourants, stabilizers or fragrances are added. Ozone is active and will dissipate in heat that is why the ozonated oil need to be kept below 15 degrees Celsius or more ideally, refrigerated.

However even at a cool room temperature, once opened it retains its effectiveness for many months. If you use frequently it is fine to be stored out of the fridge in cool climates, however keep refrigerated between uses for a long lasting product.

Ozonated olive oil, kept refrigerated, retained its effectiveness for over ten years in tests conducted by German researchers. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of all skin infections and dermatomycoses and is excellent when used after gaseous Ozone treatment by limb bagging. It retains its effectiveness for many hours after application – (Dr J. Hansler)