Can Sleep Apnoea cause oxygen deprivation?

Good Sleep Is Vital!

Sleep apnoea is a debilitating and potentially serious condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. If you snore loudly or wake up tired even after a full night sleep, you may have sleep apnoea.

Still tired in the morning?

People living with sleep apnoea can suffer from low oxygen levels which can drop from the usual 94% to as low as 80%, a condition known as hypoxia or hypoxemia. These are very dangerous conditions which can cause damage to the brain, liver and other organs.

Snoring is a Symptom

If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnoea, you should consult your physician for diagnosis and advice.

Scientifically Proven Solutions

Sleep apnoea can be treated with  oxygen therapy or a continuous pressure positive airway device (CPAP or BIPAP), or both.

Oxygen Therapy vs CPAP

Although CPAP is the most common form of treatment for COPD, major studies point to oxygen therapy as an effective alternative to CPAP in certain cases.

  1. Many people find the bulky mask necessary for the CPAP machine impossible to sleep with. It is estimated that 50% of patients recommended for CPAP therapy are non compliant 1 year later. The relatively light nasal cannula recommended for oxygen therapy is much more comfortable and easy to use. This study reviews the scientific literature on how oxygen therapy can benefit those suffering from COPD who are non-compliant with the CPAP regime.
  2. Doctors have recorded high morning blood pressure in patients who have withdrawn from using CPAP machines. This study demonstrates how the night time use of oxygen therapy can solve this problem.

What are the major benefits of using supplemental oxygen therapy at night?

If your oxygen levels fall during the night or you have high morning blood pressure after CPAP withdrawal then supplemental oxygen therapy may be for you. Benefits of sleeping with supplemental oxygen include:

  1. Improvement of Sleep. Does getting better nights of sleep sound like something you could do with? Falling levels of oxygen levels during the night can disrupt your night and most people do see an improvement in sleep quality when using oxygen as it prevents night time hypoxemia
  2. Improved mood. According to this study oxygen therapy enhances quality of life by improving mood, performance and mental alertness.
  3. Improved energy during the day. Low oxygen levels and disrupted sleep can leave you feeling tired and fatigued. With a good nights rest behind you with supplemental oxygen you can enjoy more stamina and endurance during the day.
  4. Reduced risk of heart issues caused by hypoxemia. Nocturnal hypoxemia can be the cause of a decrease of oxygen circulating to the tissues which can lead to cardiovascular disorders and heart failure.

Why Natural Ozone?

Here at Natural Ozone, we have been helping our clients achieve better wellness using oxygen and ozone therapy for more than a decade, so we know how confusing it can be to choose the right solution. Having tried and tested many different models over the years, we have narrowed our range to theOXY-96. For sleep apneoa, we recommend the ever popularOXY-96, take a look at its features!

Introducing the OXY-96

Light and portable, the Natural Ozone OXY-96 oxygen concentrator is the perfect companion for those sleepless nights. With whisper quiet operation and easy to use functionality, better health is only the touch of a button away!

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“I bought this in case of a Covid 19 infection. I have it hooked up to my Bipap machine...I am a polio survivor with night time breathing difficulties...set up on level 2 which provides an additional 80% oxygen to the standard air of the Bipap machine. It works well and I notice my oxygen saturation is typically a percent higher, and my sleep and dreams are different. I like the remote control so I can turn it on or off from bed, and can turn the pilot light off at night. It is quieter than some larger machines, but not portable [no battery power] which does not bother me for my night time purpose. Thoroughly recommend, and Natural Ozone were a pleasure to deal with by phone and online. Chris in Coromandel”

Customer testimonial by Annie Rooke: