Community O3 Legal Agreement

Legal Agreement:

This agreement is between Natural Ozone Ltd and the partner company or trader. For the purpose of this document, the partner company or trader will be referred to as the affiliate.

Any customers who the affiliate recommends through the program will be referred to as the client

  1. On acceptance into the Community O3 program, the affiliate receives a unique discount code.
  2. Option 1) When a client checks out using the unique code of an affiliate, they receive a 10% discount on goods purchased excluding shipping. The affiliate receives a 10% commission paid at the end of each calendar month. Commission is calculated on the pre-tax cost of the item excluding shipping. Remittances within New Zealand and Australia will be paid by bank transfer at no fees. Remittances outside of New Zealand and Australia will be paid by arrangement. Banking fees are to be borne by the Affiliate. At the end of each month, the affiliate will receive notice from Natural Ozone giving the amount earned in that month. The affiliate will then issue an invoice to Natural Ozone for that amount. Natural Ozone will pay the amount within two weeks of receiving the invoice from the affiliate. 
  3. Option 2: The client receives a 20% discount at checkout and there will be no remittance to the affiliate.
  4. Natural Ozone provides technical support to the client regarding the operation of the equipment and recommends that the client follows the advice of their health practitioner.
  5. Natural Ozone does not offer technical support to customers who mix and match their systems using components from different origins. It is therefore advised that Community O3 partners only recommend the purchase of complete systems through Natural Ozone unless prior arrangements have been made.
  6. Natural Ozone offers a 50% discount to Community O3 partners on ozonated oils bought in bulk (minimum order 20).
  7. Other discounts on specific products to be arranged on a case by case basis.
  8. Natural Ozone supplies printable support material such as guides and manuals to Community O3 partners as needed. 
  9. Community O3 is an evidence-based organisation which encourages its members to follow the latest science. Members are encouraged to use wording on their descriptions which are compliant with the local advertising standards in their country. It is the responsibility of each member to research and understand their local legislation.
  10. Members must not use identical wording to the descriptions on the Natural Ozone website as this will damage SEO for both sites. 
  11. Community O3 partners must not make claims regarding Natural Ozone products which are false or misleading.
  12.  Your store or clinic must be almost entirely dedicated to nutritional products and/or wellness items - we do not accept multi-category stores or ecommerce websites that sell a large variety of non-health related products such as household items, apparel, jewelry, electronics, etc.
  13.  Allowed Products:  It is up to the buyer to research and confirm with local health regulatory authorities which products and/or ingredients are allowed or banned in your country before completing and shipping an order. Natural Ozone will provide quality control documents upon request for the purpose of submitting to customs or health regulatory authorities to determine if the product is allowed. Natural Ozone is not responsible for products that are rejected at customs or later blocked from being sold in your country. We will not accept returned items or provide a refund for any products that are not allowed in your country. This section is critical to prevent the seller and the buyer from incurring unnecessary costs. 
  14. International accounts must comply with local importation regulations.
  15. Affiliate hereby agrees not to advertise any product produced by Natural Ozone on the internet using paid branded search advertising. Such advertising includes but is not limited to services such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, branded product-based pay per click-PPC ads, Criteo, or any comparison-shopping engine.

    All Natural Ozone affiliates are required to adhere to the following advertising restrictions.

    Keyword based Advertising: Wholesale/Distributor agrees to not advertise using any branded Natural term including any product specific queries such as “Ozonode, Wellness Warrior, Purimax etc.” Such advertising includes but is not limited to services such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo Gemini, any other product-based pay per click-PPC ads, display ads, or any comparison-shopping engine. Wholesale/Distributor can advertise Natural Ozone products on relevant non-brand generic terms such as “ozone generator, home ozone therapy, air ozonator etc. ”