The Role of Mitochondria in Ozone Therapy

Type: Literature review

Author:  Oliveira MM1 and Peixoto F2*


Ozone concentration and effects do not follow a linear relationship:

very low concentrations have no effect. However, high

concentrations can lead to harmful effects contrary to the

benefic effects observed at the medium/low concentration

[48]. It is essential to understand the proper relationship

between ozone and endogenous antioxidants to define the

proper concentration of ozone to be administered. Although

the mechanisms by which ozone can model mitochondrial

function and redox balance are not yet fully understood, there

is numerous evidence for this capability. It is also evident

that the impact of ozone depends on the concentration,

duration of treatment, exposure route, target organ and

animal model used in the study. Therefore, it is essential to

carry out further studies using different animal models and

different concentrations and routes of ozone administration

to understand the molecular mechanism underlying the

observed effects on mitochondria.

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