Ozone Treatments for Preserving Fresh Vegetables Quality

Type: Critical review

Author:  Elodie SarronPascale Gadonna-Widehem, and Thierry Aussenac*


At the end of this review, it becomes very clear that the use of ozone, in gaseous or water-solubilized form, may be used for the preservation of fresh vegetables (i.e., control of the growth of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms as well as the preservation of quality characteristics) because this molecule is endowed with antimicrobial activity, thanks to its oxidative capacity against proteins, lipids, enzymes, nucleic acids, membranes, and other cellular constituents. However, as we have been able to see during this review, the performance which can be reached during the use of ozone is very strongly dependent on the general conditions of this implementation. 

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