Different efficacies of common disinfection methods against candidaauris and other candida speciesLeiwen

Type: Journal article

Author: Leiwen Fua,1, Tingting Lec,1, Zhihua Liub, Ling Wangc, Huijie Guoa, Jun Yanga,Qing Chena, Jing Hua,

Summary: Our study provides a more comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of different disinfection methods that are commonly used in hospitals to against C. auris and other Candida species. It is worth noting that the tested C. auris isolates showed greater resistance to quaternary ammonium disinfectants, UV-C(253.7 nm) and ozone. We recommend extending the disinfection times of UV-C and ozone and emphasizing the effectiveness of washing hands with soap, drying hands, and then applying an ethanol-based hand sanitizer gel to inhibit the growth of C. auris according to the ex vivo skin contamination model in this study.

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