Comparative Study of Ozonated Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Effects on Oral Hygiene

Type: Randomised double blind control trial 

Author:  Xin Cheng1,2#, Jing Wang3#, Hong Zhao1,4, Shaoping Huang1, Dong Zeng1, Yanling Feng1, Yahong Xu1, Zhenyu Fan1, Quan Yue1, Zhimin Wu1 and Jilin Cheng1,4*


The study included 71 patients with gum disease. Subjects were divided according to therapy. After the professional hygiene treatment, patients are divided into 2 groups according to the product they will have to use for home dental hygiene. 

The results suggested that ozonized olive oil can be fully included
among the products able to assist in controlling the causative factors of gingivitis while reducing its clinical manifestations.

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