Changes in Th17 cells frequency and function after ozone therapy used to treat multiple sclerosis patients

Type: Journal article

Author: Morteza Izadia, Safa Tahmasebib, Inna Pustokhinac, Alexei Valerievich Yumashevd,

Tayyebeh Lakzaeie, Akbar Ghorbani Alvaneghf, Leila Roshangarg, Mehdi Dadashpourg,

Mehdi Yousefig, Majid Ahmadia,g,⁎


Ozone therapy can regulate the immune system responses and keep its balance through triggering or suppressing the immune system based on the type and condition of diseases.

Ozone therapy possesses several advantages as follows: 1) Improvement of oxygen-carrying capability of RBCs, the glycolytic pathway, and oxygen delivery, 2) Upregulation of intracellular enzymes with antioxidant function, 3) Induction of immune system responses and secretion of cytokines by producing the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), 4) Alleviation of patients' pain.

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