Anti-fungal potential of ozone against some dermatophytes

Type: Journal article

Author: Salama A. Ouf a,∗, Tarek A. Moussaa, Alshimaa M. Abd-Elmegeedb,c , Samar R. Eltahlawy


Most of synthetic antifungal drugs have side effects especially when used in long term application. An alternative to chem-ical drugs is the use ozone therapy. This study reports the evaluation of efficacy of gaseous ozone and ozonized oil as germicidal agents against a few common dermatophytes. We demonstrate the effect of different concentrations of gaseous ozone and ozonized oil on growth and spore germination of the most common five dermatophytes. Generally, we found that the application of ozone in the form of ozonized oil appears to be more efficacious than gaseous ozone.

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