The Five Things a Hotel Cleaner Would Never Touch in a Room

Recently, this news article popped up on my screen about a hotel worker who posted a video on social media spilling the beans on how unhygienic hotel rooms can be, even the ritzy ones.

Apparently, her video has been watched over one million times and many other hotel cleaners have piped in to agree with her assessment.

The things she would never do without personally cleaning items, due to possible contamination from virus or bacteria are:

  1. Touch the remote control
  2. Drink from the glasses
  3. Sit on the bedspread
  4. Walk barefoot on the carpet
  5. Use the washcloth

For sure a hotel cleaner would know exactly what they are talking about, but she obviously didn't work in one of the hotels which have now taken to using an air ozone generator to give their rooms a final disinfection.

What a pity that even high-end accommodation establishments don't take this simple and cost effective measure. For those who are not familiar with this type of device, check out this video. In the video, we discuss reducing mould but viruses and bacteria are equally susceptible to ozone.

The great thing about airborne ozone is that you don't have to wipe down every object individually because the gas finds its way to every surface, every nook and cranny, even the carpet and textiles will have their viral and bacterial load drastically reduced.

This study was conducted in a hotel room and shows the effectiveness with only a half hour treatment.

Really, it's that easy. All the cleaning staff need to do is seal off the room and leave the gadget running while they move onto the next job. 

Do you travel a lot like we do? If so, it might be worth mentioning to your hotel managers about this technology. Not only does it reduce pathogens, but it eliminates odours such as smoke, cooking smells or other unpleasant smells.