Can Anti-microbial Resistance be Cured?

Anti-microbial Resistance and Ozone

While the whole world is focussed on Covid, another silent killer is continuing to gain traction.

According to a new study in The Lancet (one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals) more than 1.2 million people, and potentially millions more, died in 2019 due to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

What is antibiotic resistance?

Modern science has invented various ingenious methods of eliminating pathogens such as bacteria and fungi. However, nature is not static! The process of evolution means that even when we eliminate millions of these germs, a few survive. Eventually, a new strain arises which is immune to our methods and we need to start all over again. This process is exacerbated by the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, especially in factory farming.

Image source: Pharmac, NZ

Ozone gas kills bugs!

There is a wealth of scientific information which shows how effective ozone is against microbes. This one for example shows that ozone gas can reduce 15 types of bacteria in a hospital or clinical setting.

Ozonated water has another range of uses

This review explores the many medical uses for freshly ozonated water including ulcers, mycosis, mycotic infections, herpes simplex and herpes zoster, burns, also superinfected burns, intraoperative rinsing, eye injuries and infections, surgical scars (healing: primary or secondary), and oedemas of traumatic or bacterial origin.


How is ozone different?

Unlike antibiotics, ozone uses a process known as oxidation to neutralise the pathogens. So, rather than poisoning the organism, it attacks the lipid layer which protects it from the outside. This is why ozone is such a fast and effective antimicrobial substance. For example, it is considered to be 3000 times faster at purifying water than chlorine and leaves no harmful residue.

Now medical ozone is ozone in its purest sense. Dr Robert Rowen explains the healing effect of medical ozone when it is introduced into the body following protocols based on international standards:

"...what is the most important thing in healing? It is oxygen. It is getting oxygen to the cells. Bottom line in everything. No oxygen, no ATP, no energy. Cell can't repair, you can't mount a resistance. When you're facing an infection, the white blood cells consume 50-plus times the amount of oxygen acutely, then they do it rest. And if they don't have that oxygen, they can't perform for you. So, what does ozone do? Ozone is oxygen, it's O3. The oxygen you're breathing right now is O2. O2 is not that active oxygen, it needs a spark. In other words, you can mix gasoline with oxygen, but without a source of ignition, nothing happens. You need a spark plug in your cylinder. Ozone carries that spark....Ozone has that source of ignition. Ozone has several effects. It has, first, it increases 2,3-DGP in red blood cells. Red blood cells are the trains carrying oxygen. Oxygen is the cargo. If the train doesn't make a stop at the station, and doesn't unload its cargo, it doesn't do any good. 2,3-DGP enables the red cells to dump its oxygen at higher pressure in your tissues, to get better oxygen diffusion to yourselves. Ozone does that..." 

Here you can find a case study of two patients who were treated for dangerous MSRA by ozone therapy.

Five star Customer testimonial 26/01/2022

Ozone treatment for MARCoNS – multi-antibiotic resistance

"I have had huge ongoing health problems due to mold exposure and recurring staph infections. The doctors kept me on antibiotics for 13th mths but the symptoms and staph infections continued. I was eventually diagnosed with mold poisoning & MARCoNS – multi-antibiotic resistance.….(After 3-4 weeks of ozone therapy) I am feeling miles better. I went on a huge hike that I wouldn’t have been able to do at all a number of months ago...( ozone therapy) has been incredibly effective treatment when I have been sick for so long. Thanks so much to the team at Natural Ozone." (Scroll to the bottom of this page for the full story in the reviews section)

Ozonated oil is also proven to work 

This report concluded “Sesame and sunflower oils can be used as inhibitors of the growth of S. aureus in pharmaceutical formulations such as wound and burn healing ointments.”


Cured leg ulcerations

Customer testomonial: "I had an accident on holiday last year when a blowup boat knocked hard against my leg and I ended up in intensive care for some days as the leg turned black with cellulitis. I got better with the double dose of antibiotics they put me on but when I got home I had reccuring ulcers that were coming up as hard lumps about 20 mm in diameter on my leg. After a shower I would massage in the ozonated olive oil that has great asorbability through the skin and soon the ulcers diminished completely."


Why would medical ozone be ignored?

As we all know, healthcare in our modern world has become a commercial commodity. Any new treatment requires millions of dollars worth of testing and investment, money which companies need to recoup by means of patented treatments. As a naturally occurring substance, ozone itself cannot be patented making it very difficult for companies to get a return on investment, should they invest the money for clinical trials.