Portable Air Ozonator - 30 g

    1. 30 gram ozone output
    2. Weekly programmable timer
    3. Supply: 220-240V/ 50-60 Hz
    4. Power: 280 W
    5. Size: 480 x 290 x 280 mm
    6. 15 kg
    7. Treats up to a 600 sqm room
    8. CE, ROHS certification 
    9. 1 year warranty
    1. Air cooling corona discharge technology
    2. High output air flow rate
    3. Anti humidity ceramic plate
    4. Stainless steel enclosure

This unit has a powerful 30 gram output that is suitable for disinfecting, and removing odours in large areas up to 600 sqm. It utilises corona discharge ceramic plate technology for durable and effective use. The central air-conditioning circulating air evenly disperses the ozone out to the entire area to achieve disinfection and sterilisation.

       This ozone air purifier kills bacteria, viruses and will oxidize chemicals and VOC's. Proven effective for removal of chemical residues from homes that have been used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine known as P labs.

      Robust, durable and easy to use. 

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