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Ozone water purifier and tap

Ozone water purifier and tap

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  • Ozone Output: 200 mg/h
  • Ozone Concentration: 0.2~0.5 ppm
  • Power: 8 w
  • Voltage: AC110-220 v
  • Water Flow: 1-8 lpm
  • Water Pressure: 0.3-8 Bar
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C
  • Ozone unit Dimensions: 125mm x 103mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 2 kgs including packaging
  • Accessories: silicone tube, stainless steel tap with inbuilt Micro Diffuser, power adaptor, velcro, user manual

    This model is a complete system which combines the ozone generator with a stainless steel kitchen tap that has an inbuilt Micro Diffuser. Easy to install and plug in under the sink.

    Tap dimensions



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Mark Presnell
    Better than expected!

    We had no idea how much of an impact this unit would make on our daily lives. It's a great machine and we can't imagine being without ozonated water any more.

    Hank Holm
    Ozone the breath of life

    I have used Ozone in my spa for 20 years and reduced chlorine to half a teaspoon a week.

    Up to now the Corona cell type Ozonisers were very expensive.

    But this Ozone Generator is very reasonable priced I highly recommend it, every Spa should have one.

    I would not have a Spa with out!

    Suzanne Humphries
    Great little device

    I love this ozone generator. It has an air compressor so no oxygen tank is needed. You can take it into your motorhome, any room in your house, the car, as well as ozonating water for cleaning. It’s very versatile and light. I really like it.

    Jeff Parkinson
    Easy as!

    Great service, swift response, no complaints!

    Bryan Pollock
    Easy to ozonate

    Easy setup to plugin and start producing Ozone in drinking water, in a room to reduce fungi, bacteria, viruses or cleaning vegetable produce.
    Recommend the unit to families after a healthier environment and increasing oxygen intake.
    Bryan Pollock
    Quantum Biofeedback practitioner