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Lifetime Warranty for OZONODE

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Natural Ozone OZONODE lifetime warranty terms and conditions

The Natural Ozone lifetime warranty gives the customer extra benefits above those outlined in the Consumer Guarantees Act of New Zealand.

Natural Ozone Lifetime Warranty

Natural Ozone warrants all equipment assembled, manufactured, and sold to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for an unlimited period from date of sale to the original purchaser. The lifetime warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of the equipment and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

This warranty will be void if any piece of the equipment is used in a manner other than what is explicitly outlined in the product manuals. It does not include replaceable filters such as ozone destruct on the OZONODE.

If any part of the equipment supplied by Natural Ozone proves to be defective during the warranty period, please contact Natural Ozone at +64 21 116 240, or hello@naturalozone.co.nz. Prior contact for simple troubleshooting is required before working on or shipping a product back to us. Failure to get prior authorisation may result in denial of your claim. Once authorised, you may return the defective equipment to Natural Ozone with the transportation charges paid by the customer. If Natural Ozone finds the equipment to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, free of charge, and returned to the original purchaser at the expense of Natural Ozone (within New Zealand only, International customers may incur additional shipping costs). The replaced part(s) or product will then continue the original warranty duration.

The purchaser by acceptance of the equipment will assume all liability for the consequences of its use or misuse by the purchaser, employees, or others. This warranty shall not apply to any piece of equipment, or part thereof sold by this company which has been subject to water or oil backflow into the machine, any accident caused in transit, alterations by unauthorised service, negligence, abuse, or damage by flood, fire, water ingress or Act of God.

This warranty shall constitute the entire warranty and/or agreement between Natural Ozone and the original purchaser and supersede all other warranty agreements, expressed or implied, either oral or written, including the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular use and of all other obligations or liabilities on our part. Natural Ozone neither assumes nor authorises any other person or entity to assume for us any liability associated with the sale of its products or equipment.

The term "original purchaser", as used in this warranty, means whom the product was originally sold to by Natural Ozone or by an authorised dealer.

Natural Ozone reserves the right to make changes in its products without notice. Because of this, Natural Ozone is not obligated to replace warranty defective part(s) and/or product with the same original part or product.