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Ozone Water Bubbler/ Humidifier Combination 1000 ml

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This 1000ml flask can be easily switched for use between making ozonated water for drinking. One tube can be fed back to the ozone destruct to stop offgassing. And the 3rd hole is filled in with a silicon plug when using to make ozonated water.

This can also be used as a humidifier, which are an excellent tool when doing insufflations as part of ozone therapy. The ozone humidifier is used to humidify ozone before it is used for ear, rectal or vaginal insufflations. Ozone can cause some irritation as it is naturally drying and when a humidifier is added it can help the user increase the frequency of use. You need to first saturate the water in the humidifier for 2 - 4 mins before using to not lessen the strength of ozone. Once the water is saturated then it will relieve the same strength of ozone as the concentration set on your unit. 

All materials used are from "A" grade ozone resistant materials.

Included in the combination package:

  • 1000 ml Borosilicate glass flask
  • Silicon cork stopper with holes in for silicon tubing
  • An extra silicon cork stopper so you can easily store your freshly ozonated water in the fridge and drink over 12 hrs
  • Kynar ozone resistant diffuser stone
  • 2 pieces of silicon tubing one to connect to the OZONODE and one to connect to the built in ozone destruct in the OZONODE
  • Check valve (to prevent back flow into the ozone unit)
  • Male luer lock connector to easily connect to your ozone out on the OZONODE


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Julie J.
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Love the ozone water

Dear Kim, While getting the ozone water set up i had a visit from a 76yr old friend. He suffers from insufficient and difficulty in urinating. I gave him a glass of ozone water to drink. To all our surprise he phoned the following day and said he had passed urine so well that night. Another friend in 70s hasnt been well for years and he has been on antibiotics most of that time (hard to believe but the doctor kept telling him try more). He come over and i gave him a glass of ozone water, same thing unexpected he called so happy the next day and said its been 8 months since he had a consistent sleep of 6 hours, he said wow I slept for all that time without waking. I had sent him him with enough the next day and explained consuming immediately has the most potency, but will have less by tomorrow. That next night after having that 2nd day ozone water he slept for 5 hours. My daughter in law is one of the local posties. Yesterday 22nd April she come off her bike when delivering her mail and hit her head, got up and pulled herself together and went on delivering the mail until the E bikes battery went flat. She bought it to my place as i was not far away and began charging it. I gave her a glass of ozone water and she called me that night to say how relaxed she was, when she expected to feel stressed after such a day that made her late home for her 3 young children and husband...but surprisingly wasnt. Thankyou so much i got the ozone machine to help myself for brain cancer and it is also helping many others in various ways. Ive been so busy training for home dialysis 4 days a week, and ill be having home dialysis in a couple of weeks so then i will start ear and rectum ozone therapy. I was a naturopath some years back and purchased the ozone unit because id learned that it really was a healer.