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Colosan - superior colon cleanser - 200g

Colosan - superior colon cleanser - 200g

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This oxygen promoting colon cleanser is the best of the oxygen, ozone, intestinal and colon cleaning products. Colosan will gently oxidise and cleanse the intestines and colon using oxygen to aid in the removal of putrefaction that is accumulating in your intestines and colon. Prevent the absorption of toxins and get more nutrients out of your food by oxidizing and eliminating the 2 to 5 kg of toxic build up in your intestines and colon.

Practice Proper Colon Hygiene - Use Colosan Regularly

Digestion is a process of oxidation. Due to stress and dietary changes there is insufficient oxygen in the digestive tract to complete digestive oxidation. The result is material left behind that impairs nutrient uptake and proper elimination of toxins. Colosan, when taken with ample water release oxygen to gently complete the digestive process and thoroughly cleanse the colon and intestines. Do not allow unwanted material to accumulate in your digestive tract.

  • Safe, Simple, Economical colon cleanser and bowel management tool
  • Gently cleanses with oxygen, No harsh herbals or chemicals
  • Prevent the absorption of toxins and get more nutritional value from your food
  • Rids the body of toxic buildup in the colon and at the cellular level.
  • Constipation is a primary factor in toxic build up.

Catalyst or Cathartic- The gentle oxidizing action of Colosan is a catalyst that complements the body’s natural function by completing the digestive process.  By comparison other forms of laxative are cathartics or purgatives. Amphetamines used as diuretics, are addictive and cause the body to dump its’ valuable water. Herbal laxatives work by employing micro toxins, or small poisons, to produce the same effect of purging valuable water in order to flush the digestive tract.  These two methods drain the body of necessary fluids in their attempt to wash out the system and do not contribute to good health. Another school of thought is leeching of material from colon walls using carbon and clay.  The appeal of these methods speak for themselves. Fiber type laxatives like psyllium are taken to maintain regularity.

Fiber is a popular and accepted method often used in conjunction with Colosan. For a thorough cleanse oxygen is a more gentle and sensible method.

Eliminate Toxic Waste- Dissolve your fecal fortress which is a home base for parasites, toxins, yeast, germs, bacteria and viruses.  Here they multiply and seep into your bloodstream.  By eliminating the home base you can prevent poisons and pathogens from getting a toe hold on your system and help to prevent recurrences of annoying bugs.  As this impaction accumulates and ferments, your body wraps it in mucous to keep it from poisoning you.

Improve Nutrient Absorption-   By cleaning the surfaces of the intestines you can facilitate nutrient assimilation. Nature designed the intestines with a maximum amount of surface area.  There are thousands of finger like projections called villi much like a shag rug.  If that membrane is caked with muck not only is nutrient assimilation impaired you are reabsorbing toxins. When you’re not getting what you need from what you eat your brain tells you to eat. 

Practitioners- Many ozone therapy practitioners recommend Colosan be used as a first step in any detox or cleansing regimen. It helps to prevent what is commonly referred to as a healing crisis or detox reaction that individuals undertaking a cleansing will frequently encounter.  This comes about as a result of cleaning out the bloodstream, lymph or organs without first cleaning the primary organ of elimination the colon.  A detox reaction can be awful and can be avoided by cleaning the colon first. Practitioners familiar with natural healing employ Colosan as a valuable tool for avoiding these unpleasant episodes. It is logical to clean out the organs of elimination prior to attempting to detoxify the body.  This way your lymph has a place to dump the trash.  Once toxins are stirred up they will float around and create complications until they are removed. Symptoms of a healing crisis are nausea, headaches, fatigue, or pain in the liver and kidneys. Release excess fluids to help reduce bloating. When you clear the colon of impacted material the liver and lymph drain.

You can tame cravings when you remove the residuals of addictive substances like fat, sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

Yeast Sufferers- Revere Colosan saying that it is the only thing that restores sanity and brings them calming relief from bouts of severe yeast. Colosan dissolves the crud that the yeast is growing in and creates an aerobic environment where beneficial flora can thrive and keep candida in check.

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Hugh Taudien
The yanks should send a person to learn your operations because your product is far superior to USA

I would recommend your company before the Asians or USA because it is better products all around.
One day Wallabies will beat the All Blacks

Mark Presnell
Better than expected!

We had no idea how much of an impact this unit would make on our daily lives. It's a great machine and we can't imagine being without ozonated water any more.

Andre Malko

Good product.

Alistair Stewart
not recieved yet

Can't wait

Mary Lou Rapmund
Ozonode/Oxygen concentrator

Very happy with the service, the quality of these machines and the relative ease of setup and use. Difficult to quantify the differences experienced after starting treatment, but they seem to be confirming a study in the use of Cannabidiol and Oxygen-Ozone Combination that finds Ozone Therapy increases the potency of various medications and when used in conjunction (in my case) with high potency CBD/Indica drops the efficacy of both are increased as they hunt down and kill cancer cells leaving healthy cells alone.
Early days yet, hope has been revived though.