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1000 ml reusable ozone insufflation bag

1000 ml reusable ozone insufflation bag

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Our 1000ml reusable ozone insufflation bag is made out of ozone-resistant materials and makes insufflations easy.

The Teflon ozone insufflation bag includes a ozone inlet and outlets valve.  Each valve allows the user to open and close each valve on the insufflation bag.  This lets you easily fill the bag with ozone and keep it contained until you're ready to use it. Fully adaptable to most ozone generators.

A connection kit is also included for attaching the tubing to the silicone catheter.  All of the material that comes in contact with ozone is rated excellent with the use of ozone.  The bag stores ozone contaminate-free.  It comes with two free silicone catheters.

To use, attach the catheter, open the outlet on the valve and gently press the bag to dispense the ozone.  To stop the flow, close the valve.


  • 1000ml Teflon insufflation bag (1)
  • Two silicone catheters
  • One catheter connection kit
  • One on/off valves