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Some historical info of ozonated oils

Some historical info

The use of medical ozone is not new and ozone is a naturally occurring molecule and healthful gas. In 1740, Schonbein discovered ozone and in 1891 the molecular composition was modeled. Observation soon revealed that ozone reacted with and destroyed bacteria, virus, and other organisms, that it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties without irritating effects. During the 1st World War the application of ozone to war wounds served primarily as a disinfectant.In 1896, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla patented his first ozone generator and in 1900 he formed the Tesla Ozone Co. Tesla sold ozone machines and ozonated olive oil to give to doctors for medical use.

Natural Ozone's engineer and former owner "Ozone Ron" of Aquazone NZ writes about how he got started with ozonated olive oils:

The year was 1997 and a friend who had cancer gave me some pages he got off the internet about the medical applications of ozonated olive oil. I had already been experimenting with ozone for some time and really liked it a lot for its rejuvenating and therapeutic effects as well as the disinfection and decontamination of toxins added to the food we are sold.

After making my first small batch I was amazed at the great remedial effects it delivered from sunburn, skin cancer to stopping itches.  So i began giving it to people and it was very well liked.  I am pleased that a range of ozonated oils is available today in a stable and usable form using certified organic oils by Natural Ozone Ltd