Actual experiences with ozonated oils

In an email to Dr. S Pressman, Canada Dave Courtesy expressed: 

… the ozonated olive oil appears to be working wonders with the basal cell carcinoma. I have somewhat extensive sun damage on the temples, forehead, and nose and around the ears. It’s tough to put a number on these things, but after 10 days, 3 applications per day, I estimate there has been a 70-to-80 percent improvement in the facial skin. Also have a nickel sized, deeper red patch (that tends to bleed) on my back, which is 50 percent improved. In addition, I have been applying some on my chest (upper rib cage, just below left breast) where I have had a stubborn case of Grover’s Disease for seven years now. The rash has improved 50 percent. I am becoming quite a believer in the power of ozone!

Experiences with Natural Ozone's Ozonated Healing Oils

As for experiences from New Zealand, this Ozonated Healing Gel is effective in treating a range of ailments such as acne to dental decay. People are constantly reporting new uses. A few include using it as a sun-block and to restore skin to smooth out wrinkles; stop hair loss or balding and begin re-growing hair; applying to bruises, wounds or blisters and eliminate unsightly black and blue from forming; by putting quickly on burns and the replying – they will never blister, including sun burn; applying to mouth ulcers or toothaches; put on itches of any kind – it will even stop sand-fly bites from itching; blisters; sore feet the list goes on and on. One person applied it under a plaster directly over a skin cancer spot for several weeks where upon the patch ‘fell off’. The small ’hole’ scared him but soon it healed up leaving not even a scar. Great for pet infections from bites or cuts, dont need to take them to the vet.

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