Ozone water bubbler/ humidifier/ Ear Insufflation & funnel package

Ozone water bubbler/ humidifier/ Ear Insufflation & funnel package

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This combination package is all you need to make ozonated water or to use for ear insufflation & funnelling. This comes with a 3 outlets in the silicon cork top: 1 to connect to the ozone generator, 1 to connect to the ozone destruct and one to connect to the accessory (eg modified stethoscope for ear insufflation or funnel).

All parts that come into contact with ozone are from A grade ozone resistant material avoiding any toxic byproducts. Only the funnel has a "fair" rating with ozone resistance as it is not used for a direct insufflation protocol it is not entirely necessary saving you on costs of added glassware.

When only using to make ozonated water, simply use the included silicon stopper to fill one hole in the silicon cork top on the glass flask. 

It is necessary to completely saturate the water with ozone when being used as a humidifier so the ozone destructor will take care of excess ozone entering the room leaving you to be able to safely do your protocol without breathing in any excess ozone in the room.

Included in the combination package is:

    • 1000ml Borosilicate Glass flask
    • Ozone resistant kynar diffuser stone
    • Silicon cork
    • Silicon plug (to plug up one hole in the cork)
    • 3 x silicon tubes 
    • Modified stethoscope for ear insufflation
    • Funnel for ozone therapy funnel protocol
    • Modified stethoscope for Ear Insufflation (stainless steel & silicon tubing)
    • Funnel (90 mm in diametre) - PP material