High output 30 g/hr Air Ozone Generator

Ozone generation: quartz corona discharge cells  
Certificate: CE approved
Voltage: 220-240V/60HZ
Max power: 300W
Feed: Air  
Ozone production (g/hr): 30
Size & weight: 20kg, 0.35m3
    • Super strong ozone to sterilise a large space.
    • Removes smoke & unpleasant odours instantly.
    • Removes smog, hydrocarbon, second hand cigarette smoke, dust and pollens.
    • High speed blower will cover large areas.
    • High ozone output - Corona discharge cells
    • Air cooled type unit.
    • Stainless steel body, durable.
    • Can be moved easily on its wheels
    • Includes a digital timer 

    This ozone air purifier kills bacteria, viruses and will oxidize chemicals and VOC's. Proven effective for removal of chemical residues from homes that have been used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine known as P labs.

    Robust, durable and easy to use. 

    Please allow 1 month lead time on ordering.

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