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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

Part of the ethos here at Natural Ozone is continuous improvement. We are always looking for new ways to help our customers achieve their goals.

New video series

That’s why we are in the process of producing a new series of information and instructional videos which guide the viewer in a clear and concise way to understanding how the different applications of O3 can benefit their lives in surprising ways.

Ozone therapy protocols.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a new series of informational videos giving step by step demonstrations of how to perform each of the most popular home ozone therapy protocols. These are to be used in tandem with the Natural Ozone home ozone therapy protocols handbook which comes free with each home ozone therapy bundle.

The videos showcase not only general information but also specifically which settings to use on your Natural Ozone medical ozone system. It’s surprising how easy it is when you can follow along with a video!

Not just O3

It’s not all about ozone. The first video off the roll is entitled “What is an Oxygen Concentrator?”

Good question. Personally, I never knew there was such a thing before my journey with ozone began. It was only when Covid first hit that we realised what a valuable health accessory it can be for those with underlying respiratory weakness.

Your time is precious

We all have time constraints, so we like to keep our videos short and to the point. In this one, Simon will demonstrate how quick it is to set up a home oxygen producing unit and be breathing enriched oxygen in a matter of minutes.

Customer Review:


"Just purchased it in case it was needed we both have issues that may cause us to need its use if we caught Covid."

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