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Sanitise, Deodorise, Revitalise!

There are many pathways to better health and ozone is here to help with a surprising number of them! Check out this new and concise video which shows ten ways that this cost-effective unit can benefit you and your family, from disinfecting surfaces and objects to boosting your immune system by drinking ozonated water.  Give us four minutes and we will give you ten easy ways to boost your well-being!   

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Clean your Groceries and Shopping with Ozone

As you no doubt know, cases of Covid are mushrooming around the world, even here in New Zealand. With the jury still out on the matter of whether the recent infections arrived on overseas packages, everyone is wondering what measures they can take to give peace of mind. Introducing the Rapid Decontamination Chamber: simply set the timer for 10 mins, close up the box, and let it run In this new video, Simon Thomas investigates how a Natural Ozone Multipurpose Ozonator and plastic storage box can make a very effective and cost effective Rapid Decontamination Chamber. Multipurpose Ozonator for Drinking Water, Air Purification and more! How does ozone work? Oxygen usually occurs in the form of O2, which means that there...

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