Ozonated Water – The Immune Booster

Take one glass of filtered water. Bubble it with ozone gas for 10 minutes and you have turned your water into medicine. Easy as that!

It has been shown that low ozone concentrations stimulate mitochondrial activity, the powerhouse of cellular activity while providing abundant oxygen. This is a possible reason for the immune system activation shown by many people after imbibing ozonated water.

With the Natural Ozone Multipurpose Ozonator, you can ozonate water in your kitchen for drinking, food sanitation, oral health and more. Check out this study to discover just how many uses there are for ozonated water.

Did you know that ozonated water has been shown in the laboratory to neutralise SARS Cov-2 (the virus which causes Covid-19)?

Drink one glass of ozonated water daily on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

For more information on the Natural Ozone Multipurpose Unit and it’s many applications:

Drinking ozonated water daily is an excellent way to bolster your health and support your immunity which is why you may choose to integrate it into your health regime.

Remember at Natural Ozone, your health is our business. 

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