The oxidation effect in Ozone Therapy

Oxidation is the process of passing electrons from one substance to another. An oxidant receives electrons. The substance that gives them up is oxidized. So ozone (and oxygen to a lesser extent) is an oxidant because it receives electrons, as it binds to the other substance, which gives up the electrons.

Oxygen has a negative electrical oxidation potential. To make ozone, oxygen is passed through a tube where billions of electrons are freely available. With the addition of these electrons, the oxygen becomes energized and super active, and its negative electrical oxidation potential becomes even more negative.

Yet, it apparently now has a huge appetite for even more electrons. How can the ozone want even more electrons, after just being injected with billions of them? This is not explained by present theory. It is better to look at it from the point of view of spin, just like the way a kid's top spins. An oxygen molecule is spinning at a certain rate, and if it collides with objects of an opposite spin, some of its spin energy is imparted to the other object, altering it.

If electricity is pumped into the oxygen, as happens in an ozone tube, the spin increases a great deal. Now, when the ozone molecule with its greater spin bumps into another object, it has enough energy to destroy the other object, such as a bacteria, by blowing a hole in the wall (called cell lysis). This model explains why ozone, created by adding energy, has more effect than plain oxygen.

Vitamin C and other so-called antioxidants compete with ozone at the cell wall. Ozone is neutralized (short circuited) by these antioxidants. However, it has been shown that ozone does not deplete Vitamin C. If you do the ozone first, its effects are completed in 10 to 20 minutes. Then you can take the antioxidants without any interference.

The assumption in the promotional literature is that "free radical" = "bad guy". It is not that simple. No chemical reaction can occur without the creation of free radicals (unpaired charges, positive or negative). Therefore, all life is dependent on them. Free radicals are being created in your body each second, by the billions. If they weren't, you would be dead instantly. The body is perfectly designed to handle free radicals, and the free radical scavenger enzymes (glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, reductase, and catalase) are easily able to handle any left-over free radicals from normal body processes.

The trouble comes when toxins are allowed to build up in the system because we do not eat, exercise and cleanse our bodies properly. These toxins prevent the enzymes from physically contacting the free radicals, allowing the radicals to escape their birthplace and do damage elsewhere, where the enzymes can't find them. So the cause of the problem is not with the free radicals themselves, which are necessary, but rather with the build up of toxins that allows the free radicals to hide and escape neutralization by the scavenger enzymes.

The solution is not to take expensive artificial anti-oxidants. The solution is to take an oxidant -- ozone -- to clean out the toxins, and allow the free radical scavenger enzymes to do their work. As a side benefit, it has been verified many times in tests that the levels of natural free radical scavengers in the body greatly increases under the BENEFICIAL OXIDATIVE FREE RADICAL STRESS provided by ozone therapy. Natural Ozone Ltd produces high quality ozone generators using only 100% ozone resistant components: no metal, no heat, no contaminants, just pure clean precision controlled ozone.